Our Menu

Our crêpe cakes and single serve desserts are all customizable.  We have found that if you can dream it, we can create it.  

If, however, you want to choose from The Crêpe Cakerie's list of favorite ingredients, you are more than welcome to do so! 

CRÊpe cake menu

a very special dessert, for a very special occasion



  • Madagascar Vanilla

  • Nielsen-Massey Almond

  • Brown butter

Ganache Fillings:

  • Semi-sweet chocolate hazelnut 

  • Dark chocolate cherry almond 

  • Milk chocolate almond 

  • Raspberry white chocolate almond

  • Lemon lavender 

  • Mochatella

Confiture Fillings:

  • Blueberry

  • Cherry

  • Peach

  • Raspberry


  • Maple glazed nuts

  • Raspberry, peach, blueberry, & cherry purees

  • Swizzle glaze in chocolate & caramel



sometimes one bite is all it takes


Single Serve CrÊpe Cakes:

  • Crêpe cakes are available in vanilla or almond, with custom made ganaches

  • Petite single serve cakelettes in lemon, vanilla, and almond


  • Perfect chocolate chip cookies

  • Addictive pecan crackle

  • Chocolate sandwich cookies filled with raspberry, peanut butter or custom ganache

  • Jeanette’s rugelach pinwheels (Customized with jams, chocolate, and nuts)

  • Linzer cookies

  • Crispy biscottini (Customized with nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit)

Bars and bites:

  • Chewy brownie bites with salted caramel or berry ganache

  • Blondie bites filled with Chocolate ganache


  • Buttery English toffee (milk, semi, or dark chocolate)

  • Bridal color white chocolate bark (dried cherries, cranberries, almonds, pecans, peppermint)




Pricing is easy! 

  • $5-9 per person with (4-5 pieces per person)

  • Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius.

  • Party favor gift wrapping available for $.25 per person

  • Tablescaping includes flowers, cake stands, candles and an artistic touch at no additional cost.